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Always a Work in Progress

Self-motivation is invaluable. Stephanie learned that the goal post is constantly moving. If you don’t move with it, you will never achieve personal fulfillment.

“I am strong. I am confident. I am beautiful. I am healthy. I am enough.” Words that I have been learning to tell myself so that she believes it for herself 💛 I want to set healthy intentions & habits, seeing body movement as a privilege & way to take care of which is often easier ourselves rather than a punishment for not believing the words above said than done, but always a work in progress!!

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“Who is winning your mind or your body?” @shaunt — It just dawned on me that next month Keegan will be a year old! That means I’m almost 1 year postpartum and although I “bounced back” pretty quick this time, I lost the baby weight within a few days and was able to ease back into my normal routine a lot has changed. My body is different, I have new pains and aches, my hips always pop, I’m still trying to figure out life with 2 & the workouts feel 1000 times harder than they used to. I’m sure this was hard 4 years ago too but I was so dang proud of myself for not giving up that all the rest is a blur! — Aside from my family, my biggest motivation is myself. Knowing that I went from a quitter to someone who pushed past all excuses and made it all happen. My motivation this time is knowing that I did it then and I can do it now! 📸 photo cred: Jayde)


Thank you @questnutrition for this box of goodies!! We are opting for a Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie for our movie night snack! 😋

mom__on_the_run Quest Cookies

Seriously motherhood is a 24/7 mission primarily spent taking care of other humans from feeding to cleaning up after meals, somehow fitting in a million household chores that still seem to never be caught up on & trying to feed yourself is sometimes difficult too... sorry not sorry... this ones all mine. I eat way more protein bars than I’d like to admit 🤣 But they help me get through for snacks on the go and especially bedtime sweets cravings! Low sugar/high protein and DELICIOUS 🤤 @questnutrition are my go to!

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